Atrazine is a common herbicide used across the globe.  Most people aren’t aware of its negative effects on frogs or even humans. The European Union banned its use in 2004 because of its ground water contamination. Studies have shown that females that live in areas of Texas with high levels of atrazine used on agriculture are 80 times more likely to give birth to children with birth defects.

Now that you know how this herbicide can affect us, time to talk about how it affects frogs. Studies have shown that even low dosages of atrazine can cause male frogs to develop female characteristics, basically causing the males to become sterile.

The Environmental Protection Agency in America has done their own studies with funding from Syngenta, that makes over atrazine. This study did not support the other (numerous) studies done on the effects.

Obviously, something is going on with this herbicide and it would just be better to stop using it, have more studies done, and have its status revisited later.


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