Oregon spotted frog (Rana pretiosa)

oregon_spotted_frogvulnerableThe Oregon spotted frog (Rana pretiosa) is a member of the true frog family, Ranidae. It is native to Canada and the United States specifically Oregon and Washington. The females of the species reach sizes of 3.9 inches while males an inch less. The frogs are red, reddish brown, or brown. Juveniles can be olive green in color.

The Oregon Spotted frog has lost up to 95% of its natural habitat. Invasive species, such as the Bullfrog, Green frog, bass, and Canary grass, have lead to the decrease in its population. Canary grass changes the habitat to an unsuitable one for the frogs. Bass, Bullfrog, and Green frog feed on the Oregon Spotted Frog.

Currently, the Oregon Spotted frog is not a protected species by the United States but luckily organizations have stepped up to save the frog.


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