Frogs and Toads of Mexico


Colorado River toad


Sonoran green toad


Mexican burrowing toad

Rhinophrynus dorsalis (Burrowing toad, Mexican burrowing toad)

Great Plains Toad
Plateau Toad
Green Toad
Arroyo Toad
Gulf Coast toad
dwarf toad
coastal plains toad
Jeweled Toad
Mexican narrow-mouthed toad
mountain toad
two-spaded narrow-mouthed toad
plains spadefoot toad


Fleischmann’s glass frog


bromeliad tree frog
California red-legged frog
California tree frog
Chamula mountain brook frog
Chiricahua leopard frog
cloud forest stream frog
Craugastor alfredi
Craugastor augusti
Craugastor batrachylus
Craugastor berkenbuschii
Craugastor greggi
broad-headed rainfrog
Craugastor loki
Craugastor megalotympanum
Craugastor mexicanus
Craugastor pygmaeus
Craugastor taylori
Craugastor vulcani
Ecnomiohyla valancifer
Rio Grande Chirping Frog
Spotted Chirping Frog
Eleutherodactylus dixoni
Eleutherodactylus rubrimaculatus
foothill yellow-legged frog
Forrer’s grass frog
Rio Grande leopard frog
spotted chorus frog
greater bromeliad tree frog
Guatemala plateau frog
Guerreran leopard frog
Guerreran stream frog
Hyla arboricola
canyon tree frog
Barber’s sheep frog
Lago de las Minas frog
large-crested toad
Lemos-Espinal’s leopard frog
Mexican white-lipped frog
Lithobates brownorum
big-footed leopard frog
Lowland Leopard Frog
Mexican cascades frog
Montezuma leopard frog
Morelet’s tree frog
Northwest Mexico leopard frog
Zweifel’s frog
túngara frog
transverse volcanic leopard frog
Tlaloc’s leopard frog
Tarahumara frog
common Mexican tree frog
Sierra Madre frog
Sierra Juarez brook frog
Schultze’s stream frog
Schmidt’s mountain brook frog
Northwest Mexico leopard frog
Rio Grande leopard frog
Puebla frog
Ptychohyla zophodes
warty mountain stream frog
Plectrohyla psarosema
Plectrohyla cyclada
Patzcuaro frog
thorny spikethumb frog
Plectrohyla guatemalensis


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